I need to sell my house NOW.  Where do I get started?

Click Here to fill out the quick information sheet.  We will contact you within 24 hours to go over some options and arrange a time to meet you.  We can even give a CASH offer on the spot.


How fast can you purchase my house?

Once we have seen the property and been able to discuss a solution, we can close in as little as a week. At times, this can be a bit daunting for sellers having to pick up and move so fast.  We will work with you to close in the time frame that fits your needs.


You say you purchase any condition, any situation.  Is that really true?

Absolutely!  We buy houses in any and all conditions.  That means we buy AS-IS, no need for you to fix anything.  We’ve purchased houses that were in complete disrepair where people were scared to walk in with fear the ceiling would come down on them.  We’ve purchase executive level homes that were in beautiful condition.  We’ve purchased property from people in bankruptcy, behind on payments, inherited properties, and the list goes on.  We buy any condition, any situation!


We have a home in the country – out in the ‘sticks’.  Will you still buy it?

The preferred market that we have found from people are houses located in populated areas with somewhat close access to schools, commerce, and the likes.  We are in business as an investment company and if we cannot quickly rent or sell the house, a lot of our overhead is spent in in holding costs.  However, there are instances where we can work something out.


How much do you charge for your services?

There is no fee or commission EVER charged for our services.


I’m behind on payments and headed for foreclosure.  Can you still buy my property?

Yes, if you contact us now, there is still a good chance we can purchase your property before a foreclosure occurs.